Mark McCloskey Reveals Why He’s Really Running

( Remember the McCloskeys? They’re the St. Louis couple who defended their property with guns after extremist Black Lives Matter rioters broke down a metal gate and entered their private neighborhood.

Video footage and photographs of the couple defending their historic St. Louis mansion went viral, with leftists claiming that they were threatening “peaceful” protesters and Republicans widely praising them for using their Second Amendment rights to defend their property.

After all that, and after the couple was charged in a political prosecution, the McCloskeys are planning on fighting back. Mark McCloskey told Tucker Carlson Tonight on Tuesday that he plans to run for the United States Senate to defend the people of Missouri the same way he defended his family and property.

“God came knocking on my door disguised as an angry mob,” he said. “It really did wake me up.”

McCloskey told Carlson how he campaigned for former President Donald Trump and continued to do rallies and events supporting Americans’ constitutional rights, and realized along the way that people are “sicked and tired of cancel culture” as well as the “poison of critical race theory and the big lie of systemic racism.”

If you really followed the story back when this all happened last year, you might remember rumors circulating that McCloskey was a Democrat – but he insisted on Carlson’s show that he was always been a Republican but has never been overtly political. He added that people are sick of posers and egotists going to D.C. and that people don’t just want to hear “talk” anymore.

“Nothing ever changes,” he said, before saying that Americans should stand up as free people, not sheep.

McCloskey is entering a race with current Missouri Attorney General Eric Schmitt and former Governor Eric Greitens to take the Republican candidacy and keep GOP Senator Roy Blunt’s seat in Congress when he retired in 2022 at the end of his term.

And given his huge popularity following the BLM protest on his lawn, McCloskey could well prove a popular candidate.