Marvel Issues PSA To All Fans

Marvel Issues Propaganda PSA About Vaccines

In a bit of flagrant propaganda, Marvel comics has partnered with Pfizer and BioNTech to offer a digital comic book featuring Captain America and the Avengers that also promotes Pfizer’s COVID vaccine and urges everyone to get fully vaccinated and boosted while describing everyone who gets the shot as “everyday heroes.”

The comic book plot is a veiled analogy to the COVID virus and the COVID vaccines. But it also contains very overt calls for everyone to do their part and get vaccinated and boosted so that you too can be an everyday hero.

In the story, the robot Ultron attempts to destroy the Avengers but the heroic Avengers keep coming back stronger to defeat him.

Iron Man creates a new cannon that is capable of blasting Ultron from the sky, you know, just like the Pfizer mRNA vaccine can blast COVID.

But there’s a catch. Ultron keeps mutating (get it?), making it harder to stop him so the Avengers have to keep adapting.

They’re not especially subtle.

The story ends with a group of ordinary people standing around a slogan reading, “Everyday heroes don’t wear capes!” What they do wear, the comic explains, are bandages on their upper arms over their COVID injection sites.

Good grief, how bad is this?!

Precisely who is the target audience for this laughable bit of claptrap anyway?

The teenage boys that typically buy comic books are probably the last group of people on the planet who should be getting the mRNA COVID shots, given some claim there is an increased risk of cardiac-related death in that age group.

How much money did Pfizer and BioNTech give Marvel for this type of underhanded advertisement?

Then again, Marvel has found other ways to attack its customers. Last year, Marvel portrayed Captain America telling the country that the American dream is a “lie” and that America is irredeemably racist.

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