Maryland Governor Goes on Offense Over New FBI Location

( — After the choice to locate the FBI’s new headquarters in Maryland sparked considerable controversy, particularly among politicians in neighboring Virginia, Gov. Wes Moore (D) of Maryland came to its defense.

In an internal memo, FBI Director Christopher Wray expressed doubts about the impartiality of the process by which the General Services Administration (GSA) and the Biden administration selected Greenbelt, Maryland, as the future home of the FBI. Wray informed his employees that the new headquarters had been planned for Springfield, Virginia, but that in a very unusual decision, a top executive had decided to shift the headquarters to Greenbelt, Maryland, 13 miles north of DC.

Moore told CNN on Thursday night that the GSA’s process, which has taken over a decade, has been comprehensive and open. He said that although the site in Maryland met most of GSA’s requirements for the new headquarters, the location was not ideal because of its distance from the FBI Academy in Quantico, Virginia.

Politicians in Maryland initially this year criticized the standards as being unfair. Greenbelt became a more attractive choice as the GSA downgraded the significance of the future headquarters’ proximity to Quantico.

According to local reports, a person with knowledge of the issue has confirmed that the FBI will relocate near the Greenbelt Metro Station. The location under consideration is being used as the parking area for a subway station.

Angela Alsobrooks, the executive of Prince George’s County, predicted that the FBI’s new headquarters would usher in an age of unprecedented prosperity for her region. She predicted a savings of up to $500 million on the project.

The Greenbelt location was chosen over the Springfield and Landover alternatives due to the equity argument. In addition to the development being ready to break ground, it is close to a Metro station.

According to, legislators don’t appear to have considered a far more cost-effective option, which would be simply decreasing FBI staffing levels.

The battle over the agency has been contentious between Maryland and Virginia. Virginia legislators are furious over the decision and have signed a letter condemning it.

Wray insisted that Congress examine the selection, but Moore was confident that the new FBI headquarters would be in Maryland.

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