Masked Robbers Targeting Seattle Schools To Mug Students

( — Seattle police confirmed this week that students from two Seattle schools are reportedly being targeted by a group of masked and possibly armed thieves who are stealing their phones and other belongings, Fox News reported.

Students from Ballard High School and Whitman Middle School reported that the robberies began around six weeks ago, with witnesses telling local news outlets that there are typically four to six masked thieves in hoodies that are involved.

In a press release on Monday, the Seattle Police Department confirmed that investigators were able to link four reported incidents in which students near the two schools were mugged. Ballard High School and Whitman Middle School are located only 1.5 miles apart from each other.

According to the police, in most cases, there are three to six black males wearing hoodies and ski masks. However, one incident also involved an Asian male and a black female.

While the general age of the suspects is not confirmed, Seattle police said they appear to be teenagers.

Police confirmed that some of the victims reported seeing a gun when they were ordered to turn over their cell phones and other belongings.

The items stolen include cell phones, wallets, and other valuables, and some of the students reported being physically assaulted during the robberies.

Witnesses told KOMO News that the suspects drove various vehicles, including a gray Hyundai, a red Kia, and another unidentified sedan.

In a recent letter to parents, Ballard Principal Abby Hunt said she was working with regional school officials and the safety and security team from the district on the best way to keep students safe on campus.

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