Mass Killer Announces LIFE CHANGE

Mass Killer No Longer Identifies As Himself

( – Darrell Brooks, Jr., the man currently on trial for killing six people and injuring 62 others last year when he drove his vehicle through the Christmas parade in Waukesha, Wisconsin, is representing himself in court. And let’s just say, he isn’t exactly behaving himself.

In addition to the sudden outbursts and repeated arguments with the judge that have marred proceedings, during last Monday’s cross-examination of the police detective who attempted to stop Brooks’ vehicle, the defendant claimed he no longer identifies as Darrell Brooks Jr.

Waukesha Police Detective Thomas Casey was recounting the events of the day when Brooks drove his vehicle through the parade route. He told Brooks “you drove past me,” prompting Brooks to ask who “you” is.

Detective Casey said “Darrell Brooks” prompting Brooks to object and demand the record reflect that he does not “identify by that name nor do I know anybody by that name.”

The judge noted his objection.

But this isn’t even the most surreal thing to happen during this trial. Nor is it the first time Brooks denied that he was Darrell Brooks Jr.

Before the trial began, Brooks told Judge Dorow that he did not recognize his name in the court documents.

Throughout the trial, Brooks has been repeatedly disruptive, often having to apologize for his behavior only to pile on more bad behavior just moments later.

Shortly before questioning Detective Casey, Brook again had to apologize for his previous disruptions from the previous day of the trial that prompted Judge Dorow to have him removed from the courtroom.

On other occasions, Brooks has repeatedly interrupted the judge, stripped off his shirt, refused to wear a suit, and in one incident took off his shoe and threatened to throw it as officers were escorting him out.

Last Thursday, Brooks requested that his case be dismissed because his victims were not present in court.

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