Mass Shooter Praised Transgender Mass Shooter

( — A social media account believed to be run by Texas killer Mauricio Garcia contains posts praising mass shooters in the US. Police shot and killed Garcia near Dallas after he opened fire at a busy shopping mall and murdered eight people. The incident occurred on May 6th at Allen Premium Outlets. Witnesses said Garcia stepped out of his car and started shooting in random directions.

Garcia maintained a social media profile on the Russian platform where he posted neo-Nazi insignia and praised fellow killers, including Audrey Hale, who murdered three children and three adults at a school in Nashville, Tennessee. The account also displays receipts from gun purchases totaling $3,200.

The killer appears to have been watching the shopping mall as he posted screenshots of the area on the same account. He had also written about his mental health and said no psychologist could fix him.

Garcia joined the Army in 2008 but was discharged after only three months. An Army spokeswoman said she would not comment on the reasons for his departure. He is from Dallas and has no history of criminal behavior.

The shooting was the second in the Lone Star State in just over a week. A manhunt began near Cleveland on May 2nd when an illegal immigrant, who was deported from the US four times, allegedly shot and killed five of his neighbors. Police caught Francisco Oropesa after evading capture for four days.

In the wake of the latest tragedy in Texas, Republican Governor Greg Abbott said the emphasis must not be on the right to bear arms but on mental health. “People want a quick solution. The long-term solution here is to address the mental health issue,” he said.

Following the killings at Uvalde last year, family members of the victims began campaigning for new laws and celebrated a victory on May 8th. A bill proposed to raise the age to buy assault weapons to 21 was passed by the Community Safety Committee and headed to the House Calendar Committee.

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