Maxine Waters Gets Called Out By Tucker Carlson For “Maskless Flight”

( Tucker Carlson, the most popular man in television news, slammed extremist Rep. Maxine Waters on Tuesday for flying maskless on a recent United Airlines flight. Carlson noted how Waters, who is on record (and video!) calling for Democrats to harass and scare Republican politicians in the street, violated her own advice on masking during her recent flight – as well as federal government rules that require all passengers to wear masks throughout the entire duration of a commercial flight.

During his monologue, Carlson described how normal people flying commercial “don’t go ten seconds” without wearing a mask before being scolded by flight attendants. He’s right, too. Have you ever tried taking off your mask to eat something on a flight?

“By the way, that’s as they bark advertisement for credit cards over the system,” he added, before going on a brief tangent about how people are being held captive in a credit card advertisement. Also true…

“But none of this happens to you if you’re Maxine Waters,” he quipped, noting how she was recently spotted flying from Dulles to Los Angeles – where she lives in a very white and wealthy neighborhood.”

He then showed the photograph of Waters sitting on a plane and not wearing a mask, and not eating or drinking as she’s doing it. He said that Waters wasn’t dragged off the plane or charged with a federal felony, or even banned from flying. In fact, there appeared to be no repercussions at all.

Take a look for yourself:


What is it about Maxine Waters being one of the most vocal and extreme members of Congress, but never being held accountable?

“Shut up, serf. You’re not Maxine Waters,” Carlson quipped.

Surely Waters has to be held accountable by the Democrats someday…