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( You might not have heard, but the Ghislaine Maxwell trial is currently taking place – and the media isn’t allowed inside of the courtroom.

A report from the Associated Press revealed how, last Thursday, a former housekeeper who worked for Maxwell and her dead pedophile associate Jeffrey Epstein testified against the pair, describing how they would both sexually abuse teenagers who visited their Palm Beach mansion.

Juan Patricio Alesso took the stand and revealed how one of Maxwell’s accusers, known as “Jane,” first visited the Palm Beach home with her mother before repeatedly visiting afterward by herself. The young girl went to the cinema with Epstein and even took a trip on his plane, along with other guests.

He also said that Virginia Roberts Giuffre, one of the most high-profile Epstein accusers, would visit the home “very often.” Alessi said that he was chauffeuring Maxwell when she asked him to stop the car so she could get out and talk to Giuffre, who was working as a spa attendant at the time. He said that Giuffre or “Jane” would both often be picked up from their homes, after being instructed to get them by Epstein and Maxwell, and then bring the visitors to Maxwell’s desk in her private office.

He said that, after transporting them, it was not his “job” to see where they were.

In one instance, he described how Giuffre brought her boyfriend into the home with her, but Maxwell insisted that the man would need to leave the building and wait inside of the car.

Alessi revealed also that “many, many, many” young female visitors came by the house, during his time working for the couple between 1990 and 2002, and admits that he even returned to the home years later to steal $6,300 in cash from Epstein office. When he was confronted by Epstein about the theft, he was told that he would not press charges as long as he repaid him, which he then did.

More horrifying details are available here.

It makes you wonder…why isn’t this – one of the most high-profile sexual abuse cases in the world – not being aired on live TV the same way the Kyle Rittenhouse trial was?