Mayor and His Son Are Charged With Cannabis Crimes

( — The mayor of Winnebago, Minnesota, was arrested last week along with his son for allegedly cultivating around 240 marijuana plants at three separate locations in Winnebago, KSTP reported.

Mayor Scott Robertson, 67, and his son Jacob Robertson, 46, were taken to Fairbault County Jail on Thursday and arraigned in county court on Friday, where they were charged with two counts of first-degree cannabis crime, one count of conspiracy to commit first-degree cannabis crime, and one count of aiding and abetting first-degree cannabis crime.

A first-degree cannabis crime is defined as unlawfully cultivating over 23 plants.

In Minnesota, adults are allowed to grow up to eight plants in a home for personal use.

According to Owatonna Police Commander Ben Johnson, an investigation into the Robertsons began early last year involving Faribault County law enforcement, the South Central Drug Investigation Unit, and several other state agencies after an anonymous tip was received in January 2023 about someone cultivating cannabis in greenhouses at a location in Winnebago.

According to court documents, the owners of the property, Scott and Jacob Robertson, previously had a hemp cultivating business but were not registered in 2023 to grow hemp.

The Minnesota Department of Agriculture notified the Robertsons that it would be inspecting and testing the plants grown in the greenhouses. However, shortly before the inspection was to take place, the Robertsons allegedly transferred the plants to a trailer and took them away. When inspectors arrived in February 2023, the plants were gone.

The South Central Drug Investigation Unit then received another anonymous tip last month reporting that the Robertsons were back to cultivating cannabis at the property. This time, SCDIU did not request an inspection by the Minnesota Department of Agriculture. Law enforcement found 185 plants plus a 5-gal bucket of seeds at the location.

SCDIU also found another 55 marijuana plants being cultivated at a commercial property owned by the Robertsons on Main Street. A box of seeds from a cannabis supplier was found at another home in Winnebago owned by Scott Robertson.

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