Mayor Frey Bowed Down to Violent Protesters, Now Begs Trump for MILLIONS to Rebuild City

( Democratic Mayor Jacob Frey, the far-left mayor who was seen being embarrassed by crowds of Black Lives Matter protesters who booed him after stating he wouldn’t defund the police, has asked President Donald Trump to give his city federal aid to rebuild. His request for federal aid comes after he emboldened protesters and rioters in his city, refused to call in the National Guard, and even danced in the streets with protesters.

On Thursday, Frey estimated some $55 million of damage.

“With at least $55 million in estimated damage and far more to come, Minneapolis will need state and federal aid as it attempts to rebuild hundreds of structures after riots following George Floyd’s death,” he said.

The Star Tribune reported how city officials are still attempting to tally the total damage to the city, and that they expect the total cost of necessary repairs to rise significantly. To offset that cost, Governor Tim Walz is reportedly attempting to get federal assistance, but things don’t look good. President Donald Trump is unlikely to want to grant federal assistance to those who didn’t call in the National Guard to quell the violence, and in the past, the Federal Emergency Management Agency has not granted funding, at least consistently, to cities that were hurt by riots.

Throughout these protests, Frey has consistently maintained that he is on the side of the protesters. He gave a passionate, submissive speech into a microphone held by a protester telling the thousands of rioters around him that he would implement “structural” change. When asked if he would defund the police, however, he stuttered.

When he ultimately said he does not support it, the crowd immediately turned on him and booed as he was told to leave.

Frey was initially a poster boy for BLM protests but after being shamed by those who he was capitulating to, it’s not certain what his future holds. He is up for re-election next year and neither side of these protests likes him right now.