“Mayor Pete” Can Kiss His Presidential Hopes Goodbye

(PatriotWise.com) – Over the holidays, Pete Buttigieg, the secretary of transportation, took a test and failed it, according to 19FortyFive.

During the busiest travel period, Buttigieg experienced a catastrophe in which at least 16,000 flights were canceled, primarily by Southwest Airlines, leaving thousands of passengers with no choice but to stay stranded at their departure.

Buttigieg had the opportunity to shine during this crisis, but he appeared to keep quiet for most of the fiasco and was caught off guard, upsetting both the left and some Democratic critics.

To be fair, Buttigieg finally sent a letter during the crisis, but other airlines besides Southwest quickly bounced back and continued to operate. The trouble began with a deep freeze of cold weather, which was initially to blame for the flight cancellations.

In the letter, Buttigieg criticized Southwest CEO Bob Jordan for appearing to desert the passengers who “missed time with loved ones during the holidays.” Jordan was also reminded by the Transportation Secretary of everyone whose luggage went missing over the holidays.

Buttigieg was probably taken aback by criticism from progressive lawmakers. California’s Democratic congressman Ro Khanna wrote on Twitter that “this Southwest mess could have been avoided.”

Khanna was angry with Buttigieg because he and Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders had previously urged the Department of Transportation to implement severe fines for flight cancellations and delays in response to a similar issue over the Fourth of July holiday in 2022.

For all domestic flights that are delayed by more than two hours and all international flights that are delayed by more than three hours, their proposed regulatory action would fine airlines $27,500 per passenger.

In addition to receiving criticism for vacationing in Portugal during crucial negotiations with railroad workers last year, Pete Buttigieg disregarded these recommendations.

The former mayor of South Bend, Indiana, was the underdog in the 2020 Democratic presidential primary, but he did well in the preliminary rounds and during the debates thanks to his intellectual oratory skills and his sincere demeanor, which helped him raise money across the nation.

Buttigieg, 40, is seen as the Democratic party’s future because the party needs fresh faces and a wider pool of presidential contenders.

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