Mayors Of Five Major Cities Want A Meeting With Biden To Handle The Influx Of Migrants

( — Democrat mayors from five US cities this week requested to meet with President Biden to ask for the federal government’s help in dealing with the ongoing migrant crisis, the Washington Examiner reported.

Denver Mayor Mike Johnston, along with the mayors of Chicago, Houston, Los Angeles, and New York, sent a letter to the White House on Wednesday asking President Biden to help ease the crisis. While the mayors express appreciation for the president’s efforts thus far, they insist that further changes must be made to address the crisis in their cities.

The mayors cited the difficulties in obtaining work permits for migrants, arguing that they have many migrants who would like to work and employers “who desperately want to hire them.” However, they write, the federal government is “standing in the way.”

The mayors asked for “an urgent meeting” with the president and listed four suggestions for curbing the current crisis, including increased federal funds, expedited work authorizations and adjudication of asylum claims, and establishing a collaborative approach with the federal government to deal with the flow of migrants entering the US.

The letter, signed by Johnston, New York City Mayor Eric Adams, Los Angeles Mayor Karen Bass, Chicago Mayor Brandon Johnson, and Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner, noted the “unique opportunity” the mayors have to work with both the White House and Congress to create a system that treats migrants “with dignity” and is “fair and equitable” to cities throughout the country.

Citing the “urgency” of the crisis, the mayors offered to travel to Washington next week to meet with the president so they could discuss their “shared interest in finding a successful resolution.”

The mayors also requested $5 billion in federal funding to cover the additional costs of providing shelter and resources to the influx of migrants in their cities.

In an emailed statement to the Washington Examiner, a spokesperson for the White House said that the president requested $1.4 billion in additional funding for cities dealing with migrants and additional personnel to speed up the processing of work permits.

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