McCarthy Calls Out Liz Cheney, Says She IS Cancel Culture

( Liz Cheney, the controversial Republican representative, and House Republican Conference Chair, was accused of promoting cancel culture by House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy on Thursday after she said that former President Donald Trump should play “no role in the future of the party or the country.”

It followed a tense interview with the press in which Rep. McCarthy said that he believes the president should participate in the Conservative Political Action Conference this weekend, and Cheney reminded the press that she thinks the former president should no longer be active in the Republican Party at all.

Given that Cheney voted to impeach the former president based on smears from the Democrats – primarily the lie that the former president incited an insurrection – it probably isn’t much of a surprise to anybody.

President Donald Trump is all set to give a speech to CPAC, the flagship annual conservative conference, on Sunday.

During an interview on Fox on Thursday, McCarthy responded to Cheney’s comments and reaffirmed his apparent commitment to working with the former president in the future. He also suggested that Republicans should not engage in “cancel culture.”

“The idea that a Republican would join with the cancel culture I just think is wrong, it’s beyond just having a difference in opinion,” McCarthy said.

Cheney gained the support of Republicans in a recent vote that cemented her place as House Republican Conference Chair, after McCarthy and others rallied around her and promoted the concept of a “Big Tent” GOP. Cheney is the third-highest ranking official in the Republican Party, but former President Trump is rumored to be plotting a primary challenger against her for the 2022 midterm elections.

Trump’s speech to CPAC on Sunday will be his first event since leaving the White House.

Matt Schlapp, the chairman of the American Conservative Union that hosts the annual conference, said that he is not sure whether he will commit to running again in 2024 but expects him to say that it is a “very viable possibility.”

“Donald Trump is going to stay in the game and will be involved in primaries and he’s going to opine and he’s going to give speeches, and for establishment Republicans it puts shivers down their spine,” Schlapp told Reuters.

The future for Liz Cheney doesn’t look so bright…at least in the Republican Party.