Meghan Markle Reveals Aftermath Of Nursery Fire In Archie’s Room

Always desperate to make everything about her, Prince Harry’s bitter half, Meghan Markle, recently recounted how traumatized she was when her son Archie’s nursery caught fire when Archie wasn’t in the room. 

In the debut episode of her podcast “Archetypes,” Markle interviewed tennis player Serena Williams. She told Williams about the time she, Harry, and little Archie traveled to South Africa in 2019 when Archie was a baby and how the heater in his room caught fire.  

Markle suggested that things could have ended badly if the nanny hadn’t been there. 

Meghan and Harry weren’t there at the time, having left the baby and nanny to attend an official royal engagement. When they returned to where they were staying, they were informed that there had been a fire in Archie’s room. 

The nanny had decided to take Archie downstairs before his nap while she got a snack. And while she and the baby were downstairs, the heater up in the nursery caught fire. Someone else smelled smoke and got extinguished the fire.  

So the baby was never in any danger since he wasn’t in the room at the time. 

It seems Markle isn’t traumatized by what did happen, so much as she is traumatized about what could have happened if what did happen didn’t happen and something else happened instead. 

But she wasn’t traumatized enough to change their official schedule. 

Markle told Williams that even after the fire, she and Harry still had to leave again to attend another official engagement.