Meghan McCain Speaks Up – Says This Is The End!

Meghan McCain Reports Final Nail In Trump’s Coffin

( – According to Meghan McCain, the RINO nepotism baby, the next midterm elections should serve as the “final nail” in the political coffin containing former President Donald Trump’s legacy.

McCain made these comments in an opinion piece published in the Daily Mail on Wednesday.

John McCain’s angry daughter said this would go down in history as a gigantic warning flag and, hopefully, a strong case against the idea that President Donald Trump represents the future of the GOP.

She wrote that many Republicans were unsuccessful in winning an election that should not have been lost, and they only blame themselves.

McCain maintains that she is a Republican, although she frequently seems more concerned with appeasing the left and complaining about Trump. In the opinion piece, she ironically referred to the Republican Party as “my party.”

“Trump’s Make America Great Again campaign is a cancer, and it is destroying my party. And this ought to be the final nail in his coffin,” McCain added.

She said it would appear that Trump has a talent for selecting unsuccessful candidates.

“President Trump does not play the role of kingmaker; in fact, he plays the opposite role.”

McCain gave Florida Governor Ron DeSantis his unequivocal support and endorsement.

She said the Republican Party is not a cult led by Trump. “The voters have made it quite clear what they want from their party, and the party must provide it to them,” McCain wrote.

The heiress made the most of the chance to speak out in support of Liz Cheney, a fellow neoconservative, and disgraced politician.

She voiced her dissatisfaction by stating that “too frequently, they look the other way, only taking cues from Trump,” and “expelling others, like Congresswoman Liz Cheney, from her job in leadership.”

McCain also suggested that people who support Trump are ignorant.

McCain stated in her letter, “To put it in lingo that anyone in Trump-land can understand: they’re a bunch of losers.” I really hope that we can right the ship before it’s too late, and I really hope that Ron DeSantis is the one steering it.

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