Megyn Kelly Bashes Gun Control Activists: “You Have Lost”

( — Megyn Kelly went after gun control activists after the recent mass shooting in Allen, Texas that left eight dead and seven wounded, according to Mediaite. She took to Twitter to tell them that they “lost” and have not effected change because of the Second Amendment.

Although the gunman was killed, it was not before he was allowed to wreak havoc and kill many other innocent lives. The ages of the victims reportedly ranged from 5 to 61 years old. The gunman was stopped when a police officer responding to an unrelated call found him and shot him, effectively killing the gunman as well, which brought the total death count up to nine.

The tragic event comes after another shooting that left four dead and 32 injured after six black men shot up a Sweet Sixteen, according to National File. Although much of the national media remained silent on the event, conservatives were quick to notice the hypocrisy when it comes to race.

Kelly, the SiriusXM host, proposed a question to gun control activists after the Texas shooting. “What’s next,” she asked, suggesting that there must be other solutions to the problem of mass shootings rather than trying to ineffectually ban guns.

She then offered some solutions of her own which included mental health interventions, a willingness to jail those who are violent and are threats, defending those who are considered “soft targets,” and coordinating the media so that they do not “lionize” the shooters after the event.

Kelly also said that there should be safe mental institutions because none exist at this time.

Conservatives have pointed out that many mass shootings occur at gun-free zones and embolden shooters to target defenseless people, citing a man with a handgun that opened fire after just 15 seconds in an Indiana mall.

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