Megyn Kelly Gets Emotional During Tribute To Husband On Camera

( — Megyn Kelly became emotional as she marked the 15th anniversary of her wedding to husband Doug Brunt on her podcast. She opened The Megyn Kelly Show on March 1st with a video tribute to her husband and described her marriage as the “single best decision” she’s ever made. The couple married in Oheka Castle on Long Island after a whirlwind romance. It was Kelly’s second marriage. She told her audience, “I actually feel lucky that it was a second marriage for me. I went in eyes open, having learned a lot about what it takes to make a marriage work. Even more important, a lot about myself.”

The former Fox anchor’s first marriage was to anesthesiologist and pain management physician Dr. Dan Kendall. The couple was married for five years before an amicable split. They remained on such good terms that Kelly moved to a house only yards from the home they’d previously shared and her ex-husband even appeared as a guest on her show. There was some controversy however in 2015 when Kelly appeared to suggest that Kendall had been unfaithful, prompting him to publicly insist that he had not.

Current husband Brunt has said that he had to wrestle with the idea of being married to a celebrity before he decided to propose. He described himself as a private individual who did not want to be in the public eye, but he said the good outweighs the bad and that 99% of their interactions with Kelly’s fans are positive. There have however been negative instances but these are rare, he added.

Describing their first date, he said, “We were chaperoned like a couple of high school sophomores going to the prom.” The couple was accompanied by Kelly’s security detail which both husband and wife described as being incredibly awkward. Even their first kiss was shared with security guards watching!

The couple remains happy and has had three children together.

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