Megyn Kelly Reacts To Dr. Fauci’s Sudden And Suspicious Retirement

On Wednesday, Megyn Kelly went into an expletive-laced attack on Dr. Anthony Fauci after he announced he would be retiring in December just before Republicans take control of the House. 

The host of “The Megyn Kelly Show” lit into Dr. Death for saying he would “consider” testifying if the GOP-controlled House subpoenas him, but only if it is “oversight” rather than personal attacks. 

Kelly did not mince words, telling the diminutive panic porn peddler, “F-k you, Dr. Fauci.” 

She said if Congress subpoenas him, Fauci doesn’t get to “consider” testifying. Instead, Fauci either shows up “or you get the Steve Bannon treatment.” 

Watch HERE. 

Fauci initially claimed he would remain in his position until after Joe Biden’s term ends, so his decision to move his retirement up to December has left many believing he knows the Democrat majority that has shielded him won’t be around much longer. 

Senator Rand Paul last week said Fauci stepping down won’t stop Congress from investigating the origins of COVID or calling him to testify. 

And if that happens, you can expect every single person who demanded Steve Bannon go to jail for refusing to comply with a Congressional subpoena to suddenly flip-flop completely and defend “private citizen” Fauci for refusing to do the same thing.