Melania Trump Blindsided By Trump’s Indictment

( – The former First Lady Melania Trump was stunned by the news of her husband’s indictment, according to People Magazine. “Melania and Donald were both shocked when they were told. They weren’t expecting it, but Melania will support him. That’s what she does. They are a family,” an unnamed source reportedly told the magazine. Melania did not however accompany the former President to New York City to face a number of felony charges but stayed at the couple’s Mar-a-Lago home in Florida. President Trump was accompanied by his son Eric, and a team of close advisors. 

The same source is reported to have said that while Trump is showing his usual bravado, and turning the indictment to his advantage as best he can, he is still very worried about the possible outcome. He does not believe he will receive a fair trial in New York, a city governed by Democrats. His indictment was issued by Alvin Bragg, the “progressive” Manhattan District Attorney, who is otherwise soft on crime, but who has made it a mission to take down Donald Trump. Trump traveled to New York on April 4th where he was charged with a total of 34 felony counts. He pleaded not guilty to them all. 

After the hearing, the former President returned to his home in Florida where he is said to have enjoyed a relaxed meal with his wife. There had been speculation as to whether Trump would voluntarily turn himself into the New York courts, but a source close to him said he would not avoid the charges, partly because he didn’t want Florida Governor Ron DeSantis “to look strong.” DeSantis, who is informally running his own campaign for the White House in 2024, said he would not cooperate with any extradition requests regarding Trump. Authorities do not need DeSantis’ cooperation to arrest the former President, and his gesture was largely seen as political posturing and an appeal to the Trump-supporting Republican base.

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