Melania Trump Drops Big Hint That Husband Will Run Again

( In her first interview since leaving the White House, Melania Trump hinted at her husband, former President Donald Trump, running for president again.

During an interview with the former first lady in Florida, she was asked if she could picture herself in the White House again. “Never say never,” Mrs.Trump said, smiling as she mentioned how much she liked living there. She called it the greatest honor of her life being the First Lady of the United States and further stated she believed that Donald Trump accomplished a lot in the four years of his presidency.

While Donald Trump has hinted at a White House bid in 2024, he has yet to declare his campaign, according to media.
In Melania Trump’s interview, she discussed a variety of issues, including the nation’s leadership in the face of food and formula shortages. She thought it was devastating to see that people are struggling and food isn’t accessible for babies in the United States of America in the twenty-first century. She then blamed leadership as the cause and said there was a dire need for change.
Mrs. Trump also explained her fundraising for children aging out of foster care by selling non-fungible tokens (NFT). She stated that one of the ways the money would be used is to give educational opportunities through scholarship awards.
The former first lady recently made a rare post-White House appearance at Place of Hope, one of Palm Beach County, Florida’s largest foster care agencies and a respected safe haven for children in need. The former First Lady spoke with a group of kids on campus and then discussed with facility caretakers about the foster care system and what happens when youngsters reach adulthood.

Place of Hope, which opened its doors in 1998, now helps nearly a thousand children each year. The Palm Beach Gardens facility consists of six houses. An emergency shelter for boys, a foster care program, a transitional independent living facility for young people aging out of care, a maternity home for girls, and human trafficking prevention and education model.

Melania Trump is involved in youth-fostering efforts that have kept her occupied since she was First Lady.