Melania Trump Hints At Political Comeback

( During an interview released this week, former First Lady Melania Trump coyly hinted about a possible Donald Trump run in 2024.

Melania, who has not given an interview since leaving the White House, sat down for an hour-long interview with “Fox & Friends Weekend” host Pete Hegseth that premiered on Fox Nation.

Melania discussed the media scrutiny during her time as First Lady and criticized the media’s biased coverage of her and its obvious double-standard in how it covers Democrat First Ladies.

The former First Lady also addressed the fact that Vogue Magazine refused to permit her to grace the cover, despite Vogue featuring former First Ladies like Michelle Obama and Hillary Clinton and quickly placing First Lady Jill Biden on the cover just months after Joe became president.

Melania dismissed the snub, telling Hegseth that she had more important things to do as First Lady than making the cover of Vogue.

During the interview, Hegseth also asked Melania if her husband planned to run again in 2024.

“Never say never,” the former First Lady responded.

Hegseth’s interview with Melania Trump is available only at Fox’s subscription service Fox Nation.

On Monday, Hegseth promoted the interview during a segment of “Fox & Friends First.”

Watch that HERE.