Mexico Issues Arrest Warrant For Border State Governor

( It doesn’t matter how much the left claims former President Donald Trump is a racist for referencing Mexico’s major problems with crime on the border…it doesn’t mean it’s not true. It’s actually such a big problem that Mexican authorities are not shy about admitting it and continue to take action to stop criminals on the border from engaging in all manner of illegal activities, including money laundering.

This week, a Mexican federal judge issued an arrest warrant for the Mexican Governor of Tamaulipas, a border state, Francisco Garcia Cabeza de Vaca.

The news was announced by Mexican Senator Ricardo Monreal Avila, who said that Tamaulipas was “improperly” kept in office by the local Congress.

“Faced with the constitutional crisis of the fugitive local Executive, agreements are required and the Senate to act,” he said on Twitter.

In another tweet, Monreal added that Cabeza de Vaca may have already fled the country at the point the arrest warrant was issued.

The head of the Mexico Financial Intelligence Unit, Santiago Nieto, also announced on Twitter that bank accounts linked to 12 people and 25 companies connected to de Vaca had been frozen in an effort to crackdown on alleged money laundering.

The warrant comes after a bitter and controversial battle between state and federal governments over whether or not the governor has immunity. The Mexican Senate previously voted to remove that immunity and removed him from office after investigations revealed he was engaging in money laundering and tax fraud. He was also exposed as having connections to organized crime in Mexico.

The kind of organized crime on the border that former President Donald Trump protected American citizens from with a wall and various strengthened immigration policies.

While President Joe Biden removes all Trump-era immigration policies, at least Mexican authorities are stepping up and handling the problem from their side.