Michael Reagan Says Joe Biden Has Never Been A Strong, Good Leader

(PatriotWise.com)- Michael Reagan, the son of the late Republican President Ronald Reagan and a political commentator, recently appeared on Newsmax to slam President Joe Biden for his lack of leadership.

Speaking to Newsmax anchor Chris Salcedo on “The Chris Salcedo Show,” Reagan discussed the tragic Kabul drone strike that killed 10 innocent Afghan citizens, seven of whom were children. The Pentagon finally admitted last week that it was a “tragic mistake,” but Reagan still had questions.

“What happened in Kabul where he announced he was going to do something…he ends up killing innocent people to try and make a point,” he told Salcedo.

He went on to say that Biden has “never been a strong leader.”

You can watch the full clip here.

The interview came in response to the news that the Pentagon finally admitted that they had made a “tragic mistake,” and Salcedo went on to ask his opinion about far-left New York Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s decision to attend the MET Gala wearing a “Tax the Rich” dress reportedly worth hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Reagan also discussed instances of voter fraud not only taking place in America’s national elections, but also fraud taking place within the Republican Party of California. He even revealed evidence of fraud that occurred during the recent California gubernatorial recall election, which was won by a substantial margin by incumbent governor Gavin Newsom.

If you want to hear some straight talking from the son of former President Reagan, we recommend you tune in and share!