Michelle Obama Claims Feminists Criticized Her Over Motherhood

(PatriotWise.com) – In a recent interview, former First Lady Michelle Obama claimed she was criticized by “feminists” when she dared to describe herself as the “Mom-in-Chief” after her husband was inaugurated in 2009.

While appearing on the podcast “Conan O’Brien Needs a Friend” last week, Michelle recounted being asked what her agenda as First Lady would be when she first “got into the White House.” She said she had described her focus as being “Mom-in-Chief,” prompting criticism from feminists who believe focusing on motherhood is sexist.

Michelle told host Conan O’Brien that while she knows “how to be a professional,” she thought it was important for people to know that her children were her first priority.

She said she had to be a good mother to the two children she brought into the world before she “can help anybody.”

During the interview, Michelle also encouraged young people to vote, claiming that the only way they can help “fix climate change” or protect “democracy” is by voting.

Barack’s bitter half also offered parenting advice, telling Conan O’Brien that helicopter parents who try to protect their children from being “comfortably afraid” aren’t doing their children any favors.

She said parents need to teach their children how to deal with anxiety and fear when they are young, arguing that they shouldn’t be learning that in their twenties or thirties.

Michelle recounted a time when her younger daughter Sasha had asked for medication to deal with her anxiety because she was anxious about getting her homework done. She told Conan that she told Sasha that feeling anxious was normal and “you don’t get medication” because of it.

Michelle said she told Sasha that she had to learn how to deal with anxiety, telling her if she didn’t want to feel anxious about her schoolwork, then she should do it on time.

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