Michelle Obama Planning Star-Studded Party With Elites Despite Pushing “Social Distancing” Others

(PatriotWise.com)- You know how Democrats are so obsessed with the idea of social distancing and forcing vaccinated people to wear masks again? Well, apparently former President Barack Obama doesn’t share that obsession.

Reports suggest that the former president is preparing to celebrate his 60th birthday at his luxury Martha’s Vineyard mansion, which cost $11.75 million and sits on 30 acres on the oceanside property. And it won’t be a socially distanced event. Reports claim that it will be attended by major celebrities and public figures including actor George Clooney and left-wing TV presenter Oprah Winfrey.

Meanwhile, the rest of the country is struggling under the policies of the Biden administration – from businesses having difficulty finding workers because of excessively high unemployment benefits available in many states, to vaccinated people and students being forced to wear masks every day.

An anonymous source close to the planning of the event told The Hill that the event is “going to be big.”

And if Obama’s 50th birthday is anything to go by, we expect so. Back in 2011, President Obama hosted a huge number of celebrity guests at the White House to celebrate his birthday. Attendees included basketball stars, comedians and actors, and of course, Oprah Winfrey.

Typical Democrat…loves celebrities and cares less about the American people.

Obama reportedly charged $35,800 for two tickets to that event, and it’s yet to be confirmed how much he may be charging guests of his 60th birthday bash.

This year, the party will take place in his seven-bedroom mansion that was purchased in 2019. It features an outdoor fire pit, huge vaulted ceiling, an outdoor swimming pool, and even its own private beach and boathouse.

So while America struggles under Biden’s presidency, his former boss is partying hard with celebrities who didn’t have to worry about the economic impact of the COVID-19 lockdown.