Michelle Obama’s Office Releases 2024 Announcement

(PatriotWise.com) — In a statement released on Tuesday, a spokeswoman for former First Lady Michelle Obama confirmed that the former first lady had no intention of running for office in 2024, finally putting to rest the whispers and conspiracy theories about a last-ditch effort to replace Joe Biden with the popular Obama, NBC News reported.

Mrs. Obama’s director of communications, Crystal Carson, reiterated that the former first lady had repeatedly said she was not running for president and confirmed that Michelle supported President Biden’s reelection campaign.

In recent months, Trump supporters have suggested that Michelle Obama was quietly waiting in the wings, prepared to jump in at the last minute to replace the deeply unpopular Joe Biden.

According to NBC News, former Republican presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy has suggested on more than 20 occasions during campaign appearances that if he were the nominee, there would be “no way they let Biden run.” Ramaswamy often suggested that the Democrats would either run California Governor Gavin Newsom or Michelle Obama.

In February, CPAC held a panel discussion about the possibility of Michelle being “parachuted” in at the last minute during the Democratic National Convention this summer.

New York Post gossip columnist Cindy Adams claimed in January that “sources” told her that former President Barack Obama had been polling donors about a possible run by his wife.

However, Mrs. Obama has insisted throughout the last two years that she was not interested in seeking office.

In a 2022 interview on “BBC Breakfast,” Michelle said she would not run for president and voiced her support for President Biden and his accomplishments in office.

Sources told NBC this week that the former first lady, who remains very popular with Democratic voters, plans to campaign for Biden in the fall just as she did in 2020. The Biden campaign hopes to capitalize on Michelle’s popularity and star power by bringing her off the bench in the final weeks of the election, when voters are more engaged.

Kevin Munoz, a spokesman for the Biden reelection campaign, told NBC News that the Obamas were “enormously helpful” in helping elect Biden/Harris in 2020 and that the campaign was “grateful” to have their support again in 2024.

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