Migrant Baby Found ABANDONED At Southern Border

(PatriotWise.com)- While Democrats debate whether they should tear down President Donald Trump’s southern border wall, children are still being illegally smuggled over the border by dangerous criminals – resulting in one migrant child being discovered abandoned at the Rio Grande border in Texas.

Border Patrol agents in Rio Grande discovered a one-year-old baby girl abandoned on the border just a day after they also found a four-year-old girl who had also been abandoned.

McAllen Station Border Patrol agents reportedly encountered 18 illegal migrants just before sunrise on November 17. The migrants had crossed the border from Mexico into the United States. During the processing of the migrants, agents matched each child to older family members, only to discover that the one-year-old child was not claimed by any of them.

When examining the young baby, agents said they found a handwritten note that contained contact information and her name. According to the note, that baby was a Salvadoran national. The baby also wore clothes that were inked with a phone number who was said to be the child’s aunt. When agents called the woman, she said she did not know where the mother was.

The child was abandoned.

Border agents transported the child to their station for processing, though it is unclear where the child will go.

Meanwhile, Joe Biden has promised to end construction of President Donald Trump’s border wall, which has been instrumental in reducing human trafficking at the border and protecting American border towns impacted by violence caused by illegal immigrants and criminal cartels.

Some Democrats have even speculated that the wall should be torn down completely, though Biden has said he would not remove existing wall already built by the president should he form an administration in January.

Is that Biden’s way of admitting that…walls work?

Breitbart reported recently how a four-year-old girl was abandoned by her mother and given to human traffickers. 36 migrants were stopped by border agents in Texas, and found that many of the younger illegal migrants were also abandoned by their parents. Border officials also said that the four-year-old was found with a hand-written note that contained contact information for an individual said to be the girls’ parent.

Will the Democrats ever acknowledge that human trafficking occurs over the southern border?