Mike Pence Preparing To Run In 2024, Sources Say

(PatriotWise.com)- Former Vice President Mike Pence took some time out of the limelight following his term ending, but now, he’s starting to re-enter public life — with a possible look at a 2024 run for president.

Pence has been making the rounds lately, writing op-ed pieces, giving speeches and joining various conservative organizations. He’s even starting an advocacy group that he said will focus on promoting the accomplishments of the Trump administration.

But, even as he does this, it seems unlikely that he’s going to get the support of his former boss, former President Donald Trump. And that may prove to be fatal to his hopes to win the Republican primary.

In a recent podcast interview, Trump was asked to make a list of people he thought would make good fits as the future of the Republican Party. He left Pence off that list, but mentioned Senators Ted Cruz and josh Hawley along with Florida Governor Ron DeSantis.

While Pence was once seen as one of the most loyal supporters of Trump, that quickly waned following the 2020 presidential election. Pence refused to answer the call of Trump and his supporters to stop the certification of the Electoral College. He continually denied allegations of voter fraud that were being purported by Trump and his supporters.

That led many of the people who attended the January 6 rally and subsequent attacks at the U.S. Capitol building for Pence to be removed.

Still, despite the lack of support from Trump so far, and the apparent hatred of the Trump base, some people still think Pence has a good shot of claiming the Republican nomination if he chooses to seek out.

Alice Stewart is a Republican strategist who worked for the 2016 presidential of Cruz. In recalling that Pence endorsed Cruz at the time, Stewart said:

“Anybody who can pull off an endorsement of Ted Cruz and become Donald Trump’s vice presidential nominee should not be counted out. He has a way of splitting hairs and threading the needle that has paid off in the past.”

To this point, Pence’s aides have downplayed any talk of their boss running for president in 2024. Instead, they say the former vice president is just focused on the midterm elections set for next year as well his family.

Many of Pence’s supporters say that the anger that some Republicans still may have toward Pence will subside over time.

Jim Banks, a Representative from Indiana who chairs the Republican Study Committee, has endorsed Pence for a run in 2024. He said:

“I think 2024’s a long time away, and if Mike Pence runs for president, he will appeal to the Republican base in a way that will make him a strong contender. If and when Mike Pence steps back up to the plate, I think he will have strong appeal among Republicans nationwide.”

Trump himself hasn’t announced yet whether he’ll run again for president in 2024. That decision is the first domino that really has to fall to decide which other potential Republican candidates will officially throw their hat in the ring.”