Mike Pence Returns From The GOP Dead

(PatriotWise.com)- In a recent piece at Politico, writer Adam Wren finally noticed that former Vice President Mike Pence is testing the waters for a possible 2024 presidential campaign, something Pence has been doing for over a year.

And to Adam Wren, his sudden discovery of Pence’s ongoing activities means Mike Pence is coming back “from the GOP dead.”

Wren notes that about a year ago, Pence was booed at the Faith and Freedom Coalition conference in Orlando, but now, Pence’s “tightly scripted comeback ahead of a potential 2024 presidential bid is showing returns.”

While it is true that some of the diehard Trump fans continue to label Pence a “traitor,” the former VP has always polled well among possible 2024 contenders, often coming in at second or third place after Donald Trump.

Wren appears to believe that Pence, a staunchly pro-life Republican his entire career, is now highlighting his pro-life advocacy because of the leaked draft from Justice Samuel Alito. You know, because apparently, Pence has been super shy about speaking out against abortion before Politico published the leak.

Wren explains that now, Pence is speaking in front of warm, friendly crowds instead of booing crowds.

But it wasn’t “booing crowds;” it was one booing crowd.

The purpose of Wren’s piece is twofold.

Wren wants to present the narrative that Donald Trump is losing his influence over the Republican Party and that Republican voters are flocking to Mike Pence as a result.

But more importantly, Wren is hoping promoting Pence from the pages of Politico will rekindle the anger and outrage from the vehement Trump supporters and divide the Republican Party.

The reality is that Mike Pence was undeterred from the start. He has been visiting early primary states like Iowa, New Hampshire, and South Carolina for over a year now.

And the reports of his “GOP death” were greatly exaggerated.

Does Pence have a chance in 2024?

At this point, it is unlikely. As things stand today, if Donald Trump runs again, he is the odds-on favorite to get the nomination. And if Trump doesn’t run and Ron DeSantis does, DeSantis will likely be the odds-on favorite.

But at this \stage, it’s just too early to know how 2024 will shake out.