Mitt Romney Attacks Tulsi Gabbard: “Her Treasonous Lies May Well Cost Lives”

( Last week, former Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard released a video on Twitter calling for a ceasefire around the bio-labs in Ukraine to secure and destroy any deadly pathogens they contain.

Nobody disputes that these labs exist. Even the World Health Organization has instructed the Ukrainians to destroy the deadly pathogens contained in these labs.

Last Friday, Reuters reported the World Health Organization has advised Ukraine to destroy the high-threat pathogens being stored in what the WHO called “public health laboratories” to prevent the potential spread of disease among the population.

In an email to Reuters last week, the WHO said that it was collaborating with Ukrainian public health labs for several years to promote security practices that would help prevent “accidental or deliberate release of pathogens.”

The Assistant Secretary of State Victoria Nuland confirmed the existence of these bio-labs to Senator Marco Rubio in a hearing last week.

But that didn’t stop the reckless freshman Utah Senator Mitt Romney from taking to Twitter and accusing Tulsi Gabbard of “parroting false Russian propaganda.” The fussy Romney called Tulsi’s remarks “treasonous lies” that “may well cost lives.”

What an idiot.

The Russian propaganda is not that these bio-labs exist. The Russian propaganda is that there are bio-weapons labs in Ukraine that are funded by the US Department of Defense and the US and Ukraine will use these bio-weapons against the Ukrainian population and blame it on Russia.

Tulsi’s video says nothing about bio-weapons labs funded by the US Department of Defense.

In short, Mitt Romney either doesn’t know what the “false Russian propaganda” is, or he’s flat-out lying.

After Mitt’s reckless treason accusation, Tulsi Gabbard responded in a lengthy Twitter thread that included all the evidence to back up what she said, including statements from the US government.

Then she released a video message directed to Romney reiterating all the evidence she presented in her thread:

On Monday, Tucker Carlson had Tulsi Gabbard on to respond to Romney. Watch that HERE.