Mitt Romney Finally Sells His Controversial Home

( Mitt Romney has finally sold his controversial San Diego mansion that made headlines during the 2012 Presidential race over Romney’s plans to install a car elevator.

The Romneys’ plans for the oceanfront home were not popular with the neighbors. Area residents kicked up a fuss for years after the Romneys tore down and demolished the existing structure and built a new, march larger home in its place.

Some neighbors took issue with the Romneys claiming to own the sandy beach west of the property line which had for years been a public beach. But the Romneys claimed that land in order to build the larger house.

In the end the Romneys agreed to keep the beach for public use.

Romney and his wife Ann purchased the La Jolla home in 2008 for $12 million. At the time, the 3,000 square foot home was only three bedrooms and five bathrooms. But now the residence has been transformed into a 2-story, five bedroom/seven bath home spanning 8,100 square feet.

Included in the rebuilt property are new retaining walls, a relocated driveway and the notorious 4-car garage with an elevator.

Despite being heavily opposed by many in the neighborhood, the rebuild was completed at the end of 2015. Once complete, Romney hired a real estate broker to find a buyer in an off-market deal.

It is hardly surprising that Romney’s massive home with a car elevator became controversial during the 2012 election. Nothing paints a man as an out-of-touch rich guy quite like the presence of a car elevator in his garage.

Romney’s defense for the enormous rebuild was his family needed the extra room. The car elevator, Romney’s campaign explained, was to accommodate his wife Ann who suffers from multiple sclerosis.

Senator Romney announced the sale during a virtual discussion with the Salt Lake Chamber, Utah’s largest business association.

But even with the sale of this house, Romney still has plenty of places to hang his hat. He and his wife still own four additional properties. Two in Utah: a 5,900 square foot home in Holladay, as well as a ski chalet in Park City. They also own a vacation home in Lake Winnipesaukee, New Hampshire, and naturally, a home in the DC area.