Mitt Romney Joins Democrat Attempt To Raise Minimum Wage

( So-called “Republican” Senator Mitt Romney has hit a new low in his virtue signalling, working alongside radical progressive Senator Kyrsten Sinema to put forward a proposal for raising the federal minimum wage.

By now it’s pretty clear that Senator Romney’s plan is to make the Republican Party more attractive to the radical left by just…trying to make the Republicans into Democrats.

Romney told the Huffington Post on Wednesday that he was working on legislation with the Arizona senator.

“We’re negotiating a minimum wage proposal which we would ultimately take to our group of 20 and see how they would react to it and go from there,” Romney told the outlet.

The “20” he referred to includes a group of 20 senators from both parties who are working to find common ground – which, translated, means capitulating only a little bit to the demands of far-left Democrats.

Romney didn’t offer up any more details of his coming plan, and a spokesperson for Senator Sinema also didn’t offer up any details – but West Virginia Democratic Senator said “I think it’s $11.”

Which, you know, will not be enough for radical Democrats who have insisted for years that it should be increased to $15 nationwide.

As part of President Biden’s “American Rescue Plan” – the $1.9 trillion COVID-19 relief bill that included a huge number of non-COVID-related measures, including a reparations plan for non-white American farmers – Democrats originally hoped to increase the federal minimum wage, but it didn’t get through. The Senate parliamentarian said that the proposal couldn’t be included in the legislation, angering Senator Bernie Sanders, Senator Elizabeth Warren, and the “Squad.”

Democrat members of Congress are no doubt going to slam the deal as soon as it comes through, with Washington Rep. Pramila Jayapal already warning on Twitter that her party “can’t compromise on giving 32 million workers a raise and lifting 1 million people out of poverty.”

The problem?

It could easily plunge millions into poverty by destroying American jobs.

Just this week, William Dunkelberg wrote in Forbes that a minimum wage increase to $15 would “significantly disrupt many small businesses, harming small employers who could see a significant increase in their labor costs and doubling of their entry level position costs.”

Dunkelberg referenced a survey by the NFIB Research Center that showed how 74% of small employers would be negatively impacted by a government-mandated minimum wage increase.

Why does Mitt Romney always have such terrible ideas?