Mitt Romney Wants To Use Social Engineering To Push For Changes In Demographics

In mid-August, Utah Senator Mitt Romney appeared at the Sutherland Institute in Salt Lake City as part of its 2022 Congressional Series where he spoke about “confronting our 21st-century challenges.” 

And during a Q & A after his address, Romney and the Sutherland Institute’s president, Rick Larsen, discussed the senator’s plan to provide $10,000 to couples with children as a way to encourage Americans to marry.  

Larsen brought up how such social engineering is commonly done to encourage certain behavior. 

Romney agreed, noting that there can be good social engineering and bad social engineering. 

As an example of bad social engineering, Romney noted that the current tax code discourages people from getting married because married couples filing jointly are punished.  

Romney explained that his proposal would be an example of good social engineering because it encourages people to get married.  

Watch HERE.