Mom Allegedly Hid Her Children’s Christmas Gifts and Then Reported Them as Stolen to the Police and Media

( — The Florida mother, who last month made local news after claiming that all of her children’s Christmas gifts were stolen from her home, was arrested last week and charged with filing a false police report, NBC2 in Fort Myers reported.

Shana Hudson, 39, was arrested by Lee County Sheriff’s deputies and charged with one count of making a false police report.

Hudson contacted law enforcement on November 19, claiming that someone had broken into her Lehigh Acres home and stolen all of the Christmas presents she had just purchased for her children.

Local news outlets, including NBC2, picked up the story.

In her interview with NBC2, Hudson claimed that someone broke in through a rear window and stole every Christmas gift, including fishing rods and clothing. She bemoaned how desperately she wanted to give her children a “decent Christmas,” but now they wouldn’t have anything because “some thief came and stole our sh*t.” Hudson begged the supposed thief to turn himself in and return the stolen gifts so she and her children “can have a good Christmas.”

Detectives from the Lee County Sheriff’s Office even arranged with local charities to have Christmas presents purchased for Hudson and her family using charitable contributions and funds from the sheriff’s in-house charity.

However, Hudson’s sob story fell apart after an anonymous tipster contacted SWFL Crime Stoppers to say that Hudson’s “stolen” gifts were stored at the home of a family member.

The sheriff’s deputies checked out the tip last Monday. Arriving at the family member’s home, deputies found nearly all of the presents Hudson reported as stolen.

As the deputies searched the home, they checked off each of the gifts listed on the stolen items report. The fishing rods were hidden in a pile of clothing. Hidden next to the dryer was a basket full of products from Bath and Body Works. The TV was found under a set of bed sheets.

In a stroke of karmic justice, NBC2 was on hand at Hudson’s home to film her walk of shame as deputies took her into custody last week.

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