More Conservatives Are Moving To Conservative States During Pandemic

(PatriotWise)- As the Chinese coronavirus pandemic rages on, data shows that more Americans are escaping Democrat-run, failing cities than ever before. According to the annual migration report from U-Haul, the van and storage rental firm, data shows people leaving the cities and moving to Republican-run suburbs to enjoy a better life.

In 2020, the report shows that there was a large surge in people moving home. The most popular state people moved to was Tennessee. The data shows that the state had the most one-way rentals for U-Haul trucks, indicating more people moving to the state permanently. It’s a surge of 12% over 2019.

Behind Tennessee were Texas, Ohio, and Florida…hardly Democrat strongholds.

The data was published by U-Haul on its website, and shared in a tweet that explained how 2020 marked an “unprecedented year for migration around the country.”

Probably unsurprisingly, California was last on the list. The state has been plunged figuratively into darkness with repeated lockdown orders put in place by Democrat Governor Gavin Newsom.

Despite being pictured at fancy restaurants not following is own rules, the Democrat governor has demanded restaurants close their doors to dine-in customers and has forced people to stay at home for months at a time. It has resulted in an unprecedented call for his resignation and huge numbers of people fleeing the failing state for pastures anew.

New Jersey and Illinois came just behind California in the rankings, no doubt a result to the similarly restrictive lockdown measures put in place by the states’ Democrat leadership.

With President Joe Biden now in the White House, 2021 may see yet more lockdowns put in place despite the vaccine already being rolled out in record time thanks to the leadership of President Donald Trump.

Will more people be leaving Democrat states for Republican states?