“Morning Joe” Attacks Lauren Boebert’s Religious Status

(PatriotWise.com)- Rep. Lauren Boebert might not be to everybody’s taste, given her staunch defense of American civil liberties and her ability to get under the skin of every Democrat, but it’s hard for anybody to deny that she’s committed to her beliefs – both political and religious.

But that’s exactly what far-left TV host Joe Scarborough did this week, following the news of the telephone conversation between Reps. Ilhan Omar and Lauren Boebert.

After Omar accused Boebert of spreading “Islamophobic lies” about her, Boebert called Omar to talk it out. Omar then released a statement saying that she “graciously accepted a call” from Boebert and expected a direct apology for what Boebert said when she saw her in an elevator. However, she accused Boebert of doubling down and that she decided to “end the unproductive call.”

Boebert then responded by releasing a video in which she refuted Omar’s claim, said that she never intended to “offend someone’s religion,” and described herself as a “Strong Christian Woman.”

On a recent episode of Morning Joe, Joe Scarborough scoffed at Boebert’s description of herself as a Christian woman.

So, it’s not OK to offend Omar’s religion, but it’s OK to scoff and joke at the fact that Boebert is a Christian woman?

That’s called Double Standards.

Scarborough talked about how he has read the Bible “once or twice” and that his parents made him go to church five days per week. He then went on to paraphrase the Bible.

“If you read the red letters in the gospel that would suggest, quote, a strong Christian woman, close quote, would actually act just the opposite of what we saw in that video…perhaps leading with that, was actually a tell?” he said.

Real nice, Joe. Real nice. Your bigotry is showing.