Most Swing State Voters Don’t Think Either Presidential Candidate Is Mentally Fit To Hold The Position

( It seems that there’s one thing voters from all political spectrums can agree on: That neither major candidate for president is mentally fit to be president.

CNBC/Change Research conducted a recent poll where they surveyed voters in six states that are considered vital to the 2020 presidential election — Arizona, Michigan, Florida, Pennsylvania, North Carolina and Wisconsin.

Of those polled, 52% said Democratic candidate Joe Biden is mentally unfit to hold the job of president. Only a slightly smaller percentage (51%) said President Donald Trump is mentally unfit to be president.

Physically speaking, a majority of those polled believe both candidates are OK to be president. A slight majority (52%) feel Trump, who is 74 years old, is physically fit to be president, while a bigger percentage (54%) believe the 77-year-old Biden is in good enough physical shape to be president.

While this particular poll only asked likely voters in these six swing states, the national version of the same poll had similar results. Across the country, 55% of likely voters said Trump is mentally unfit to be president, while 52% feel Biden is mentally unfit.

If the results of this CNBC/Change Research poll prove accurate, then the 2020 presidential election is going to be a lot tighter than people think. While Biden is leading Trump in these six swing states, his advantages are not very large.

All told, Biden holds a lead of 49% to 45% over Trump in those states. Biden’s biggest leads, according to the poll are in Wisconsin and Michigan, where he holds a six-point lead over President Trump. His smallest advantage is a two-point lead in North Carolina.

The good news for Trump is that while he’s behind in all six key states, he did make up some ground in the last two weeks — when this poll was last taken. He gained a point on Biden in North Carolina, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin.

Voters in these swing states could be the ones who make the final determination of who wins the White House in November. That’s why both candidates have spent so much of their time, effort and money trying to reach out to voters in these states.

These efforts are likely to increase significantly soon as there are less than two months until Election Day.

Another potential swing state is Missouri, and according to other recent polls, Trump is leading Biden there. One of the main reasons why Trump is ahead in Missouri is that 80% of polled voters said they’re “concerned” about spiking crimes levels in cities across America.

Trump has taken a hard-line stance against the violence and rioting that have stemmed from what were peaceful protests against police brutality. This has attracted some voters to his side, especially in places that have experienced a lot of this violence and destruction.

According to two other polls, Biden and Trump are virtually neck-and-neck in Texas and Florida, which are two other potential swing states.