Mr Rogers Video Talking About Gender Triggers The Left

( – An old video from children’s TV star Mister Rogers resurfaced on TikTok recently and angered many people on the left, according to Fox News. The video features a song that Rogers sings about boys and girls, which has many wondering if it was a warning against transgenderism.

The lyrics from the song, “Everybody’s Fancy,” begins: “Boys are boys from the beginning, girls are girls right from the start. Everybody’s fancy, Everybody’s fine. Your body’s fancy and so is mine.”

The lyrics suggest that boys and girls cannot change their gender and encourages children to accept themselves and their inherent differences for who and what they are. The next stanza talks about the gender roles between boys and girls.

“Girls grow up to be the mommies, boys grow up to be the daddies. Everybody’s fancy, Everybody’s fine. Your body’s fancy and so is mine.”

One user commented that Mister Rogers must have known something and was trying to warn us. While on Johnny Carson in 1980, the audience can be heard laughing at Rogers’ suggestion that “sometimes children think that they might change.”

“We laugh about that now,” he told the laughing crowd, “but it’s because we have that concern when we were little.”

The news comes as Republicans have targeted “gender-affirming care” across the country, with Utah becoming the first state to ban this care for minors, according to American Pigeon.

“S.B. 16 Transgender Medical Treatments and Procedures Amendments” was signed by Governor Spencer Cox on January 28. It effectively bans “gender-affirming care” for those under the age of 18, including hormone therapy and life-changing operations.

Not all Republicans in the state legislature were reportedly on board with the bill. Sen. Daniel Thatcher argued that it could cost the lives of transgender youth. Citing a study by the American Academy of Pediatrics on transgender suicide rates, he said that “every credible organization on the planet” believes that “gender-affirming” care is the safest and best possible option for minors with gender dysphoria.

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