Myanmar Military Reportedly Carrying Out “Torture Campaign”

( According to an investigation by The Associated Press, the Myanmar military has been conducting a massive torture campaign since it began a military coup in February of this year.

Based on interviews with dozens of people who claim to have been tortured since the beginning of the year, The Associated Press determined that there are dozens of interrogation centers currently in operation in Myanmar that are being used to torture detainees, including men, women, and children. Many of those being tortured include military officials who have defected, as well as the family and friends of those who have already been arrested.

Lin Htet Aung, a former army campaign who defected in April of this year, said that in Myanmar, people are regularly sexually assaulted and tortured after being unfairly arrested.

“Even a war captive needs to be treated and taken care of by law. All of that is gone with the coup…the world must know,” she said.

According to the Assistance Association for Political Prisoners, there have been at least 1,218 prisoners killed since the coup, with at least 131 of those being tortured to death.

The Associated Press revealed how many people being tortured in Myanmar were arrested for pro-democracy activism, while many were arbitrarily detained for apparently no reason.

Men are more likely to face physical torture in the state, while women are more often subject to psychological torture, threats of rape, and actual sexual assault. And, according to the report, the Myanmar military is attempting to cover up evidence of this torture by forcing prisoners to sign paperwork stating that they experienced no torture during their time being detained, and even forcing doctors to falsify the death records of prisoners who died as a result of torture.