Nancy Pelosi Calls For Senate To Block Voter ID Requests

( In her ongoing effort to control both chambers of Congress, last week Speaker Nancy Pelosi urged the Senate to ignore Senator Joe Manchin and forge ahead on the House’s radical voting bill that would open elections to fraud and ensure permanent Democrat control of government.

The House’s “For the People Act” (HR-1) would lower barriers to voter registration, expand early voting and vote-by-mail, and prevent states from purging names from voter rolls. In other words, it would strip away every roadblock to ensure the integrity of US elections.

In a June 6 op-ed, Senator Manchin announced that he would oppose the “For the People Act” because of the absence of Republican support. Manchin believes that highly partisan election legislation will do more harm to “our democracy.”

However, Manchin did voice support for the “John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act” because one of the 50 Republican Senators, Lisa Murkowski, supports it.

Manchin’s opposition to HR1 set off a furious outcry from Democrats and far-left activists throughout the country determined to force through election laws that remove any safeguards against fraud.

While Pelosi wants the John Lewis voting bill to pass, she is unwilling to give up on the far more sweeping HR-1.

For his part, on Thursday June 17, Manchin offered up a list of changes he would like to see implemented to the “For the People Act” in order to garner bipartisan support.

Among the changes he offered included requiring voter ID and allowing states to purge voter rolls. Additionally, instead of no-excuse vote-by-mail, Manchin would prefer that all states be required to permit absentee voting for any voters eligible to do so.

It is unlikely Democrats would agree to voter ID or the purging of voter rolls as both of these provisions would reduce the likelihood of voter fraud. Additionally, the entire point of requiring every state to enact “no-excuse vote-by-mail” is to increase the likelihood of voter fraud – something the Democrats desperately want.

Senate Republicans quickly slapped down Manchin’s attempt at compromise. In a statement Thursday afternoon, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell said that Democrats changing the packaging doesn’t change the fact that these bills are nothing but a “power-grab of America’s electoral system,” adding that it is still “rotten to the core.”