Nancy Pelosi Flip Flops On Afghanistan

( After vehemently opposing withdrawing troops from Afghanistan during the Trump administration, far-left Democratic House Speaker Nancy Pelosi this week completely flip-flopped on the issue and threw her weight behind President Joe Biden finishing the job.

This week, the president announced that he would follow through on former President Donald Trump’s plans to withdraw all American troops from Afghanistan, with the date to finish the job being September 11, 2021.

Let’s not forget that without President Trump’s negotiating skills and his policy of rebuilding the military and ending the seemingly endless Afghanistan war, this wouldn’t be happening. And, President Joe Biden extended the deadline, too. If President Donald Trump was still in office, the full withdrawal of American troops would have occurred by May 1.

But the unnecessary extension, and the fact that President Joe Biden is now finishing the job, was enough for partisan House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to throw her weight behind the plan.

“The Biden Administration’s announced timeline for the safe, strategic and orderly departure of American troops from Afghanistan is an important and welcomed development. As Speaker, I support this transition and President Biden’s leadership to protect the safety of our troops and the security of the American people which must be our priority,” Pelosi said.

“The United States Congress remains committed to advancing peace and security in Afghanistan and the region, including an inclusive Afghan government that respects the human rights of all its people. It is imperative that the hard-won gains secured by and for Afghan women and girls are not erased. Congress will be working closely with the Administration to ensure that our support for our Afghan partners remains strong and that this transition is orderly and made in coordination with our allies,” she added.

It’s substantially different from what she said about President Trump’s plans to withdraw troops, claiming in November 2020 that “our military and allies deserve strong, smart and strategic leadership to protect America’s security and that of the region.”

She added that it is “concerning that Trump’s withdrawal is being carried out without the close and comprehensive coordination of NATO.”

NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg said that “‘The price for leaving too soon or in an uncoordinated way could be very high,” which was something Pelosi reiterated in November last year, before adding that America can “ill afford to lose the hard-won gains in the pillars of security, economic development and governance made in Afghanistan.”

Is Nancy Pelosi living in another universe?