Nancy Pelosi Goes Maskless At Elitist Party While Afghanistan Crisis Boils

( Remember when Nancy Pelosi was caught on video at a hair salon and not wearing a mask during the first round of lockdowns when Americans were told that they must stay at home and avoid all but necessary travel?

In case you forgot that here it is:

Well, Pelosi has been at it again. After the Centers for Disease Control announced that even vaccinated people should once again wear masks while in the company of other people, far-left House Speaker Nancy Pelosi chose to ignore that advice and was caught addressing a crowd of mask-less Democrats at a Napa Valley Democrat shindig.

Footage of the close-quartered fundraising event was shared by Kathryn Walt Hall, a donor to the Democratic Party and a successful winemaker. It showed people sat closely together on a table, and Pelosi at the end of the table, holding a microphone.

Take a look at this super-spreader event:

Remember, this is the same woman that ordered members of Congress who don’t’ wear a mask while in Congress should be arrested. But she can go maskless when in the presence of hundreds of her friends?

What makes this even worse is that Napa County is actually a hotspot for COVID-19 infections. That’s according to the Centers for Disease Control. The region is considered to be “high” in terms of the level of transmission.

Naturally, this didn’t go unnoticed by Republican leaders. House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy noted how Speaker Pelosi wants to lock down Americans again while she “wines and dines” her political donors.

Remember the “Nancy Antoinette” meme during the last election?

It has never been so relevant.