Nancy Pelosi HUMILIATED On National TV – Finally Called Out

SNL Takes Aim At Nancy Pelosi

( – Following the January 6 select committee hearing that featured slickly-produced footage showing Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi and Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer during the Capitol riot, Saturday Night Live featured a 9-minute cold open sketch of the previous Thursday’s hearing that mildly poked fun at Pelosi and Schumer, not to mention the committee members.

In the sketch, the committee is watching “footage” of “Pelosi” and “Schumer” talking on the phone with Mike Pence. While most of the “footage” is harsher to Schumer, even this light mockery was met with outrage by Leftists, furious that Saturday Night Live would make light of the Democrat leaders who were trying to protect the country from an insurrection.

See, this is why Saturday Night Live rarely makes fun of Democrats. The thin-skinned Democrat base is a humorless lot who reacts to even the mildest mockery the way Dracula reacts to a cross.

The majority of the 9-minute cold open was spent mocking nominal Republican congresswoman Liz Cheney.

At one point, “Liz Cheney” complains that Donald Trump is the one person responsible for the riot and the only person who will suffer the consequences is her.

Naturally, Donald Trump makes an appearance in the cold open as well. And for him, SNL didn’t hold back.

The sketch shows “footage” of Trump the day before the election sitting on the toilet and taking a phone call. He brags that the votes don’t matter and Apollo Creed is a close friend of his. Then he asks, “Is Pence dead yet?”

See? For a Republican, SNL doesn’t pull its punches. At this point, Republican voters expect nothing less.

Meanwhile, even mildly poking fun at Chuck Schumer or Nancy Pelosi makes the Democrat base lose its collective mind.

Watch the cold open HERE:

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