Nancy Pelosi Just Nuked Her Career With Latest January 6th Problems

( In a recent op-ed, Federalist senior editor Mollie Hemingway insisted that far-left House Speaker Nancy Pelosi should take some leadership lessons from Republican House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy.

She has a point, but a lot of Republicans would say that McCarthy needs leadership lessons, too…

Hemingway referenced House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s ultra-partisan January 6 committee, which she claims is investigating the origins of the Washington, D.C. riot, and noted that the plot was “supposed to help Democrats hold onto their slim majority during tough 2022 midterm elections.”

The idea that painting Republicans as violent insurrectionists and creating a conspiracy theory that former President Donald Trump incited an insurrection to overturn American democracy is a good idea to win midterms…is crazy. Did the Democrats really think that would work?

“Pelosi’s decision to politically exploit the riot at the Capitol was a no-brainer. Democrats nearly lost the chamber in 2020 when Democrats took control of the Senate and presidency,” Hemingway said.

Was it, though? Hemingway noted “massive problems” with the scheme, including the fact that the Republicans very quickly denounced the riot. And not only that, but the Democrats didn’t denounce the Black Lives Matter and Antifa riots in 2020.

Hemingway thinks that Pelosi’s plan might have worked if Pelosi had put together a decent committee – but she didn’t. She then asked readers to consider how House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, however, “managed a similarly important committee with a confidence that Pelosi has lacked.”

What do you think?

Read Hemingway’s full piece here.