Nancy Pelosi Reportedly Plans To Use Abortion To Secure 2022 “Victory”

( Democrats have pledged to make abortion a key issue and use it as a path toward victory in 2022’s midterm elections.

Last week’s leak of a SCOTUS draft, which many believe foretells a possible overturn of Roe v. Wade, managed to knock the damaging topic, for the left, of inflation out of the news cycle.

A cynic would say that this was the leftwing leaker’s primary objective.

The leak has given the left some confidence that they may hold off a red wave that many polls predict is imminent.

The hope is that abortion will swing the balance from red to blue in crucial battleground states.

The Democrats feel that the Republican response to the leak has been muted. The leak itself has been condemned, but the judges’ ruling has been largely ignored. But impartial strategists realize that the Republicans do not have to focus on ginning up their base with positive news but can simply run on the plethora of negatives the Democrat majority has caused.

They can run on crime, energy, inflation, war, and many other “kitchen table” issues that resonate with the average non-single-issue voter. They do not need abortion at the top of the debate list.

Conversely, the democrats have been mum on the issue of “leaks” but have seized on the information gleaned from the leak. They needed the distraction and leveraged it swiftly.

Pelosi and Schumer have often cited that polling shows that overturning Roe v. Wade is not popular, with only 35% support. But the duo may be missing the larger picture, that many realize that this does not make abortion illegal but gives the power of the issue back to the states. The majority of people support the ban on abortion after 15 weeks.
The sad fact for Pelosi is that this is all the Dems have, and it’s a longshot to think it will carry the day. A bellwether competition was observed in Virginia when McCauliffe ran against Youngkin, and McCauliffe put abortion front and center. He lost.

Political strategists believe that the leak is not yet a reality. And the reality of what voters are up against trumps speculation of what they “might” be up against. A recent poll showed that people paying exorbitant prices at the fuel pump care very little about climate change.

It will be a tough sell to ask voters to stick with the left’s left’s failed agenda to “punish” the right for something that hasn’t happened.