Nancy Pelosi Says Mass Migration Is Imperative For U.S. Economy

During her weekly press conference on September 30, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi raised eyebrows after attempting to justify the more than 4 million illegal aliens that have flooded over the southern border since Biden took office by claiming farmers need these illegals to “pick the crops down there.”

You would think the Speaker of the House would know that farmers hiring foreign nationals in the country illegally is a crime. Then again, this is Nancy Pelosi we’re talking about.

The 82-year-old Pelosi made these comments after conceding that the United States has an obligation to secure the border but the US should also “recognize the importance of newcomers to our nation.”

In other words, Nancy is once again conflating legal immigrants with foreign nationals who enter the US illegally.

After being asked if the border was secure after over 2 million illegals were arrested in FY2023, Pelosi made the startlingly stupid claim that the best thing for our economy would be to enact “comprehensive immigration reform.”

Pelosi cited the current shortage of workers in the country. And noting Florida in particular, Pelosi said some Florida farmers are wondering why the state would ship illegal aliens up north when they need them to pick crops.

Like every other wealthy white Liberal, Nancy Pelosi believes illegal aliens should be cleaning houses, mowing lawns, and picking crops.

Pelosi summed up the Democrat Party’s position perfectly: Give us cheap foreign labor.

But cheap foreign labor drives down wages for Americans, most especially Americans in the lower income brackets.

Is it any wonder Hispanic voters are abandoning the Democrat Party?

In her remarks, Pelosi’s bigotry was on full display.

In one statement, she managed to stereotype every Hispanic as nothing more than cheap labor while suggesting farmers and growers break the law by hiring them.

And while she avoided calling out Florida Republican Ron DeSantis by name, Pelosi’s comments were clearly an attack on him.

But ultimately her ham-handed attack ended up backfiring on her spectacularly.