Nanny Gets 700 Years in Prison for Child Abuse

( — The California nanny who was convicted last month for assaulting sixteen boys in his care was sentenced on November 17 to more than 700 years in prison, NBC News reported.

According to the Orange County District Attorney’s Office, a jury found 34-year-old Matthew Antonio Zakrzewski guilty on all charges stemming from molesting 16 boys ages 2 to 12 between January 2014 and May 2019 and filming his crimes.

Billing himself as “the original Sitter Buddy,” Zakrzewski was arrested in May 2019 after a couple in Laguna Beach reported to police that he inappropriately touched their 8-year-old son.

Zakrzewski was initially charged with only a handful of felony counts. However, as the investigation proceeded, more victims were later identified from the videos he made and tips from the public. Eventually, Zakrzewski was charged with 34 felonies.

The jury found Zakrzewski guilty on all 34 counts, and last Friday, a judge sentenced him to 705 years plus an additional two years and 8 months, according to the district attorney’s press release.

During Friday’s sentencing, the parents of the children abused by Zakrzewski read victim impact statements, including the mother of a boy who was only two when Zakrzewski molested him. The mother described the heartbreak of never being able to meet the child her son would have been if he had not been molested by Zakrzewski.

The defendant did not offer an apology when addressing the court. Instead, he boasted that he was able to bring “smiles to your children.” He insisted that “all the good times” he shared with the children were “one hundred percent genuine.”

Orange County District Attorney Tod Spitzer described Zakrzewski as a “master manipulator” who instructed his victims to lie and keep secrets from their parents.

Spitzer said the exploitation of children is designed to “destroy the smallest of souls” and described Zakrzewski as a “monster” who disguised his “horrific and calculated manipulation” with “smiles and giggles” to ensure his “unfettered access” to children.

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