Nasty Liberal Host Tries To Link Ron DeSantis To Sex Trafficking

( Extreme-left MSNBC news anchor and propagandist Joy Reid ran a particularly nasty segment on her show on Thursday, where she and former federal prosecutor Glenn Kirschner – also a radical left-winter – attempted to lump Florida Governor Ron DeSantis into a sex trafficking investigation that he has absolutely nothing to do with.

Far-left radicals want to take down Governor DeSantis because he’s a top contender for the 2024 race, and a hugely popular political figure at that.

During the segment, Kirschner and Reid discussed the case of Republican Florida Rep. Matt Gaetz, who stands accused of being involved in a sex trafficking case involving a 17-year-old girl. Gaetz insists that he is innocent and is the target of an extortion scheme to take tens of millions of dollars from his family, and recently hired a team of lawyers to defend his name.

But Reid sees this as an opportunity to take down a possible contender to beat President Biden next time around.

“So, the question for Gaetz, because obviously Greenberg has to give something bigger than him, that would be Gaetz,” she said. “Here is at least, per the reporting, the people who were on that Bahamas trip. Notice if you see somebody’s name that rings a couple of times.”

Reid then listed several big names that happened to be on the same trip as Gaetz when he was allegedly involved in inappropriate and illegal behavior with an underage girl, with providing any evidence whatsoever that a) the crime occurred, or b) anybody else had anything to do with it.

“[You] had at least five women, per Politico, you had Gaetz; you had a guy named Jason Pirozzolo, the hand surgeon and GOP fundraiser to Ron DeSantis, who apparently Gaetz wanted to turn into the attorney general of Florida,” Reid said. “There’s Halsey Beshears, a former state legislator and former appointed official in the DeSantis administration.”

And that’s when she implicated DeSantis directly.

“If you’re Ron DeSantis, does this feel like it’s creeping closer to you?” Reid asked guest Kirschner. “Because these are your friends, these are your allies.”

The shocking suggestion was made without any evidence whatsoever and came extremely close to defamation. As soon as Reid takes the next step and admits that she’s trying to implicate DeSantis in a crime, or alleged crime, then she might expect a lawsuit coming her way…