Nate Silver Responds To Reports Media Attacks Biden More Than Trump

( Have you heard the recent claims from left-wing media pundits that the national press is treating President Joe Biden worse than they did President Donald Trump?

Dana Milbank recently published a column with the Washington Post in which he claimed data shows that the media is treating Trump worse – but people quickly pointed out the flaws in his argument. You’re not the only one who thinks those claims are total nonsense, trust us.

Nate Silver, a pollster and the founder of popular political and statistical analysis site FiveThirtyEight, tore into the false claims…and he brought data with him to prove that they’re wrong.

Silver first shared a Twitter thread that explained how the “sentiment analysis” cited in the Washington Post article as “evidence” was nonsense. He then expanded on the thread, explaining how the analysis relied on an algorithm that dismissed positive stories about Joe Biden and then determined articles that had very little to do with the president to be “negative” pieces.

“These are the articles the algorithm found, out of more than 40k stories, were the most favorable towards Biden,” Silver said, while sharing a screenshot of the data.

“It’s just totally random. Lots of stories about the stock market. Many have nothing to do with Biden at all,” he added.

One article used by the algorithm as evidence that Biden is treated badly by the press was titled, “Haiti President Assassinated At Home, Wife Wounded.”

Yeah, that has absolutely nothing to do with the fact that Joe Biden is a terrible president.

Silver speculated that the algorithm appeared to be recognizing words like “rise” and “high” as favorable, even when they are taken wildly out of context.

He added that most of the articles that are considered least favorable towards Biden usually have something to do with stocks or commodity prices.

The stories also appear to point to polling stories about Biden’s dramatically dropping approval rating. That means that the media isn’t being negative about Biden – the public is.

If the media reports on polls showing the American people don’t like Joe Biden, does that mean the media is being more negative towards Joe Biden? No, of course not.

If you want to see just how bad media pundits like to lie, take a look at the original Washington Post piece here.