NBC News Tries To Pin Terror Attack On Trump

(PatriotWise.com)- Well, the human shields in the media clearly believe that this disastrous, bungled catastrophe in Afghanistan is hurting President Joe Biden. So, unsurprisingly, they are doing everything they can to point the finger of blame, not at the man who caused it, but at former President Donald Trump.

Last week after the deadly bombings outside of Kabul airport that killed thirteen US servicemen and women, an opinion writer for NBC News wanted Americans to know that, while it might be easy to blame President Biden, the truth is, the fault is all Donald Trump’s.

Because of course they did.

The media is an extension of the Biden press office. Its job is and always has been to spin the news in a way to puts President Biden and his administration in the best positive light.

But Thursday’s terror attack in Kabul was not Donald Trump’s fault.

As the Washington Post reported over the weekend, the US military leaders meeting with the Taliban in Qatar on August 15 were offered the option to either maintain control of Kabul or cede the city to the Taliban and let the Taliban run security.

The US chose the latter.

And why did the US choose to hand Kabul over to the Taliban?

Because of Trump?

No. They made the decision to leave Kabul’s security in the hands of the enemy because Joe Biden, hiding out at Camp David, refused to bring in additional troops to secure Kabul because he was insistent on having all US forces out of Afghanistan by August 31.

If Biden was hamstrung by Trump’s negotiations with the Taliban as NBC News claims, why did he not withdraw before May 1 – which was the date initially agreed on by the Trump administration?

Biden’s hands weren’t tied by Trump. Joe Biden’s hands were tied by Joe Biden’s insistence to get US troops out of Afghanistan by August 31 so he could spike the football on the 20th Anniversary of 9/11.

Trump’s withdrawal plan did not include abandoning Bagram Airfield. His withdrawal did not include removing US forces and leaving vulnerable Americans behind. What’s more, his withdrawal came with conditions on the Taliban, while Biden’s withdrawal remained in full swing no matter what the Taliban did.

While the NBC writer calls President Trump’s response to Biden’s bungling “risible,” in reality what is truly risible is this NBC writer’s defense of Biden.